My Bio:

I can personally identify with the struggle many people face to maintain a healthy & active lifestyle.


Gary Van Wagner

Chief Financial Officer 2002

During my 20’s and 30’s  I focused on my career to the exclusion of my health and well-being.  I reached an all time high weight of 212 pounds right around my 40th birthday.

My fitness endeavors were limited to brief periods of intense efforts (i.e. training for a marathon) that were quickly abandoned when my work life inevitably got crazy again.  My eating habits were driven by convenience or comfort with no thought whatsoever towards proper nutrition.

Like many people my weight gain was gradual, two or three  pounds per year over 20 years resulted in me being 50 pounds overweight and feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of making change!


Certified Personal Trainer.
2012 – L.A. Triathlon

   Since switching careers from finance to fitness training I have discovered that it’s not that difficult to get regular exercise, eat a healthy diet and maintain proper body composition, (even the guy above right could have done it).  It starts with making a decision to invest some time and energy into your well being.

   Nutrition is the largest part of the equation and with my help you can easily put together a plan that will work for you.  You don’t need to spend a ton of time in the gym sitting on machines or running for hours on treadmills or  elliptical  machines either.  The combination of proper nutrition and a few EFFECTIVE training sessions per week will have you well on your way.

   Life is much better today as the guy on the left. I am able to fully engage in so many activities that I find interesting and challenging.  I am currently preparing for my first Ultra Marathon of 50 miles on Catalina Island in January.  This run will be in celebration of my 50th birthday.

  I look forward to helping you along your path towards improved fitness!

My Training Philosophy:

  • Variety is critical – The body quickly adapts to doing the same thing and results diminish.
  • Intensity is necessary – Once something becomes “easy” it’s largely ineffective.
  • You don’t need to devote a large amount of time – “Go hard then go home”.
  • Proper form is critical – Poor form leads to muscle imbalances and potential injury.
  • Recovery is essential – Do 2 or 3 hard training sessions per week and let your body recover between them.
  • Don’t go it alone – Become part of a fitness community, participate in events and make it social.
  • Forget the fads – There aren’t any “secrets” or shortcuts to success.
  • Make a commitment – Consistency is vital to success.

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