Avalon 50 miler

Had a great time at the Avalon 50!

Went out easy and came in strong, missed my projected finishing time by 15 minutes but wasn’t heartbroken : )  This was a fantastic experience for me, further enforcing my belief that you can do most anything you set your heart on accomplishing.  I can’t tell you how impressed I was by the variety of folks who complete this event, all ages, sizes, etc.

A 39 year old, Fabrice Moverall, smoked the field in 6:10 (7:24 minute miles), this guy passed me on his way back when I was at mile 18! He was running a steep uphill effortlessly!  The field was completed by 81 year old Hal Winton @ 18:50 (as impressive as Fabrice in my book).   Article on Senior Citizen participation in this race.

I went out slow and was 36 minutes back of plan at the turnaround. Held pretty steady thru mile 44 then my lovely wife ran me back into town at a blistering pace that helped me pick up 28 minutes (my plan had me limping in).

dist Plan ACTUAL Delta
Little Harbor-drop bags 18.9 4:20 4:24 -:04
Isthmus-turnaround 26.7 6:09 6:45 -:36
Little Harbor-drop bags 33.2 7:42 8:25 -:43
Pumphouse Hill 44 10:24 11:07 -:43
Finish Line 50 12:13 12:28 -:15

Was great having the support of  family and friends to help train and come over and celebrate with me!

Big shout out to Geoff Palenik who ran the early miles with me then took off to finish in 11:11 and “Tron” Matty, my ultra “muse” who ran the thing in 10:21 !!!

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by gary