Best way to lose weight


I love doing google searches on fitness related topics!

Whey I typed in “best way to lose weight” Google quickly cranked out about 96 million results. All the top results contain words like “fast”, “easy” and “quick”.  Of course there were also the requisite lists; 3 “proven” steps all the way up to “25 ways to lose weight and keep if off”.  One of my pet peeves with my industry is that everything has to be fast and easy, when in reality it’s not!  If you have a fair amount of fat to lose, especially if you are obese, you should plan on taking the slow road.  I was impressed by the article on how to lose fat on your thighs, all of the first suggestions had to do with eating. So essentially you lose fat off your thighs the same way you lose it from anywhere else!

We have become a quick fix culture to our detriment, and marketers know this.  There are many “diets” out there, some of which even go so far as to prepare your food for you. DIETS DON’T WORK! Studies have proven this over and over again.  A landmark study in 2007 looked at 31 diet studies and proved yet again what most of us know!

UCLA Study

So what does work?

1. Change the way you look at food. Food is fuel and raw materials.

2. Have a food budget (yes, I mean count calories at least for awhile).

Most Americans are now overweight and in debt. When you just consume without thinking about how it fits into a budget, you get in trouble.  Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is your budget, it’s likely to be between 1,500 and 2,500 calories per day. Most people have no idea how many calories per day they are consuming against their budget (see the problem here).  You don’t have to be eating “crap” or junk food to be overspending you budget!

Find your BMR here – BMR calculator

Track your calories here – Myfitnesspal

Start to slowly modify the way you eat, to make sure you are at or under your budget (you need to be under to lose weight).

You don’t have to become Paleo, gluten free or a vegan to lose weight and stay healthy!  Hopefully you will slowly find a manner of eating that suits you and will help you lose weight.  The more restrictive you make it, the more likely you are to throw in the towel!  Organic and non GMO foods are great, but don’t kid yourself, I see lot’s of fat people walking around Whole Foods. You need to manage the amount of calories you are taking in!

Don’t be in a rush!  My daughter has lost 130 lbs averaging 2lbs per week for over a year.  Slow weight loss results from making changes that you can sustain!  It does you no good to do something crazy for 4 to 12 weeks to just go back to what you were doing before!

Add exercise that you enjoy.  This also might take awhile.  You might need to experiment with many different things before you find one that clicks and you are will do on a regular basis.  Hopefully you find something you ENJOY doing, then you are golden.

Don’t believe the hype on “diets” or exercise “plans”. You aren’t likely to get shredded or have 6 pack abs in 10 days or 30 days. Also, you are not likely to lose weight “eating everything you want”.  P.T. Barnum famously said “a sucker is born every minute” nowhere is this more true than in the diet and fitness world.

I offer no-nonsense nutritional advice and No Joke training sessions if you are interested in losing weight.  I favor a workout style that burns a lot of calories via a combination of cardio and strength based exercises combined into circuits. “Metabolic Training”. I will never tell you that you are going to “transform” yourself quickly, but you will get results, slow and steady.  Most importantly they will become lasting results.

by gary