Running with my daughter

I ran 15 miles at the Rose Bowl this a.m. with my daughter Megan.
Then I had a good cry on the drive home.  I was thinking back to our first “run” and how it’s so different now, yet the same.  Different is that she has been running for over a year and has two half marathons under her belt.  She is also over 100 lbs. lighter.  The same is her determination and willingness to be uncomfortable to make progress.  She goes further and faster now than before, so it hasn’t become easy.  I myself have been overweight and out of shape in the past, but I have never traveled a road as long and hard as she has.

On 3/15/2015 we will cross the finish line of the L.A. Marathon.  While that will be quite an accomplishment for Megan, it’s really the journey that’s been so meaningful for me.
Megan didn’t hesitate when I suggested we run L.A. because we could raise funds for BoMF.
I couldn’t be any prouder or more blessed than to be sharing the road with her!

You can contribute to her fundraiser here
Learn more about BoMF here


by gary