Our Training Philosophy

  • Variety is critical – The body quickly adapts to doing the same thing and results diminish.
  • Intensity is necessary – Once something becomes “easy” it’s largely ineffective.
  • You don’t need to devote a large amount of time – “Go hard then go home”.
  • Proper form is critical – Poor form leads to muscle imbalances and potential injury.
  • Recovery is essential – Do 2 or 3 hard training sessions per week and let your body recover between them.
  • Don’t go it alone – Become part of a fitness community, participate in events and make it social.
  • Forget the fads – There aren’t any “secrets” or shortcuts to success.
  • Make a commitment – Consistency is vital to success.


Starr Rogers

s1My passion for fitness began at a young age. I played club volleyball, basketball and ran track Internationally in high school. I also competed as a NCAA track & field athlete for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. As a mother I understand the challenge of balancing my desire to stay fit and active while being a great parent. Iʻm committed to motivating and helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. I love to pull from all my past athletic training styles when designing programs for clients. Simply put I love what I do!!

I am an NASM CPT.

Gary Van Wagner

g2Getting a lean healthy body will change your life! I know from personal experience having lost over 50lbs. myself. I now enjoy a wide variety of activities including running and triathlon and recently completed a 50 mile ultramarathon to celebrate my 50th birthday. I am a former CFO who became passionate about fitness and switched careers to help people of all ages and abilities improve their health and fitness. Let’s work together to accomplish any goal you set.

I am a NASM CPT and certified Spinning Instructor