Back on My Feet

Really excited to be running the L.A. Marathon again this year as a fundracer for Back on My Feet (BoMF).
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I am fortunate to serve as a team leader for BoMF at Homeboy Industries.  BoMF is a great organization, founded on a simple and effective premise;

“Through dedication and hard work, these Members earn the opportunity to create a new road for themselves. Running leads to personal transformation and dedication to the program leads to access to training, employment and housing resources.”

Here is a great video we recently made –

Visit the BoMF website – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

BoMF creates running teams consisting of community members like myself and residential members at their partner facilities.
In Los Angeles we have running teams at the following facilities (scroll over & click to visit their websites):



We have team runs on M/W/F @ 5:30 a.m. Interested in becoming a team member? JOIN US!