Corporate Wellness

We have helped local companies improve employee engagement in their wellness programs.
We believe that successful programs go beyond merely providing information and engage employees in activities.

Partnering with us provides you with an effective and affordable alternative.
Our services are offered `a la carte, so you can utilize only those that complement your existing program.
We look forward to meeting with you to learn about your program and see how we can help you make it even better.

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We provide the following:
  • Weekly weigh in meetings, record keeping and reporting.
  • Weight loss "tool kit".
  • Body composition testing at beginning and end of competition.
Results from challenges:
We have had great success in our previous challenges! The top three finishers in each competition have lost between 7% and 14% of their starting weight.
We provide:
  • On site educational and motivational PowerPoint presentations.
    • Including handouts with resource links
  • Wide variety of wellness topics can be tailored to your workforce.
  • Monthly or quarterly schedule.
  • Weekly "Walk & Talk" programs also available.
Lunch can either be provided by the company or brown bagged by employees.
We design and manage fitness challenges that are applicable to the needs of your organization. We also work with you to develop incentive and recognition policies.
  • Walking or activity level competitions.
    • Tracked via Fitbit or fitness tracking device.
  • On-site simple challenges such as plank or push up competitions.
  • Off site single or multi event challenges.
  • Link to Western Asset Management Challenge
Rose Bowl Challenge

Rose Bowl Challenge

We believe in creating fitness "communities" for your employees. We utilize both social media and fitness apps to keep them connected with each other and participating in challenges.


We also encourage participation in local events, forming corporate teams (and training groups) for running and obstacle race events.

In addition, we offer discounted rates for your employees at our facility. These discounts apply to all group training and personal training programs.