Life Changer Wellness

No Joke Fitness is proud to offer a unique and comprehensive solution for weight loss. People battling obesity often spend outrageous amounts of money on personal training sessions and customized nutrition plans. We know there is a better way!

We partner with Life Changer Wellness to offer a comprehensive wellness solution which includes nutritional support and lifestyle coaching via skype.




Mission Statement
To provide effective resources and community support for people battling obesity.

Vision Statement
To stem the tide of obesity in America through supportive services.

Are you Obese and don’t know where to start?
Have you tried programs in the past and have failed?
We advocate a simple and PROVEN approach to losing a significant amount of weight:


  • Accountability to a group.
  • Nutritional framework with tracking.
  • Realistic goal setting.
  • Commitment to a year long program.
  • Regular exercise.


  • Weekly meeting touch base with wellness coach.
  • Unlimited group training.
  • Nutritional framework and tracking.
  • Goal setting/monitoring/guidance.
  • Peer group support platform.

If your BMI is over 30, you are a great candidate for this program. The cost is $300 per month. Please use the contact us button below to schedule a complimentary meeting and assessment.


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