Starr Rogers – NASM CPT – Boot Camp Instructor


Scott R.

I’ve been working out with Gary for about 3 years now, started with a group of coworkers, now doing his boot camp. I’ve always been a thin guy, but never what you would call fit. Also, I was growing softer around the edges as I got into my 30’s. But since I’ve been working out with Gary and following his advice around food and nutrition (for the most part), I’ve become quite fit. Gary makes it easy to stay motivated with his interesting, varied workouts and energetic style. There is a physical difference to how I look, and even more importantly, a difference in how I feel. I feel like I can do anything, and have a much higher energy level. To me, this makes me a more useful human being as well as a more healthy one. If you want to get in shape, have fun, and feel good, call up Gary.


Ann A.

I started working with Gary in order to improve my ability to hike at high elevations after a disappointing experience in Peru where I had severe fatigue with minimal exertion above 8,000 feet. I have been a client for over 2 years; the workouts challenge both the mind and body; and enable me to feel fit and confident in the pursuit of athletic activities and adventures. He has encouraged me to do and successfully complete 3 half marathons and various local hikes/races (including the Mt. Wilson toll road to the observatory, Baden-Powell and the Verdugo Mountains 10K). More importantly his training and guidance have allowed me to comfortably hike to elevations of 11,500 feet in the Rocky Mountains. I have become leaner and stronger and have received numerous compliments for the changes in my body habitus and physical abilities e.g. challenge courses. My motto is: “I’m not going to get old; I’m going to get better!” That goal is being accomplished at No Joke Fitness.


Katie & Ryan

My fiance Ryan and I have been working out with Gary for over a year. Before finding him we had recently lost a good amount of weight on our own, but we were stuck and feeling very hopeless.

I am so happy we met Gary and started training with him! Over the past year he has kept my fiance and I motivated and engaged by changing up the routines and keeping things fresh. No two workouts are the same.
I’m proud to say that now thanks to Gary we are both at the lowest weight we have been in over 5 years and for the first time we feel strong and in shape. Gary is always motivating, always there to give advice when needed and he makes working out fun! Gary has no doubt changed our lives for the better and I recommend giving him a shot.

All you have to lose is fat!